Minhaj Ameen

Tags: renewable energy market research energy policy project management business development carbon offsetting experts
min_1_mMin returned to India in 2006 to live in Auroville. He was a team member of AuroRE, a business unit of Auroville that develops and provides renewable energy solutions for lighting, water heating and transportation. He worked on several consultingassignments for NGOs and Government agencies in areas of carbon offsetting, sustainable development, energy policy and rural empowerment. Prior to Auroville, he was a project management and business consultant at IBM, UK. He received his MBA from Manchester Business School, UK and bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Vikram University, India.


GreenAcres campaign

Fundraising for expanding the Auroville Greenbelt.

Our eco-zone is under threat of rapid urbanization, this is an urgent move to reverse the trend and extend activities.

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