Akash Heimlich

Tags: electric two and four wheeler solutions experts
akash_1_mAkash is a self taught micro-electronics and software programmer with more than 10 years of experience. Passionate about sustainable transport, he co-founded EV Future in 2009, a business unit of Auroville to develop electric cycles and mopeds. He designed and developed batterery management systems for electric mopeds and also a solar charging station installed at different locations in Auroville area. He is currently expanding the production of electric mopeds and exploring new models for community transport.




Alok Mallick

Tags: renewable energy bio mass applied technology innovations experts

alok_1_mAn inventor, Alok joined AuroRE in 2005 and heads the R&D activity where he developed solar street lights, solar driers, a de-humidifier and a hybrid solar and fuel powered vehicle. He is currently working on a solar thermal refrigeration system, solar cooker, and a waste-water treatment/energy system using algae. He has a background in mechanical engineering. While at Virginia Tech, USA, he participated in the first ever Solar Decathlon in 2002, an international competition to design and build most effective house where the heating/cooling, household and home office appliances and a city-car gets powered solely by the sun. He was also a lead diver and engineer on board for four summers on a Smithsonian Institution’s expedition to Sub-Arctic and Artcic waters to study algae as an indicator of climate change.


Anandi Vaithialingam

Tags: organic food processing raw food preparation experts
anandi_1_mAnandi has been making and distributing organic products for nearly 12 years. She joined Kottakarai Organic Food ProcessingUnit (KOFPU), a business unit of Auroville formed to produce organic foods in 1997 and now manages its operations. She did her graduation in Home Science in which Nutrition was a part of her studies. After training at Spiritual Live Food in Arizona, she has been following her passion to promote the raw food vegan diet through workshops and catering. She is now building the first Auroville Raw Food Center where visitors can see and experience the making of raw foods.




Aviram Rozin

Tags: eco restoration afforestation sustainable water management land resource management experts

Aviram joined Auroville in 2002 with his wife Yorit and daughter Osher. In 2003 they started Sadhana Forest, a reforestation project on 70 acres of degraded land. Sadhana Forest is dedicated to sustainable living in all its aspects, from construction with local and natural materials, to solar and human powered energy, a vegan organic diet, dry composting toilets etc. Over the years Sadhana Forest has grown to be an international, volunteer-based project focused on creating long-term food security through environmental restoration. Globally, there are 133 million malnourished people living in arid areas who have private land but are not using it to grow food due to lack of water and agricultural knowledge. Sadhana Forest trains local people in India, Haiti and Kenya in the use of water-saving irrigation techniques and provides them with free seedlings to plant drought-resistant, indigenous, food-bearing trees around their homes. These indigenous food forests are well protected from cutting and animal grazing by their owners. Sadhana Forest won third prize at The Humanitarian Water and Food Awards in Denmark, 2010. Every year the organization's India, Haiti and Kenya centers host and train a total of over 1,500 volunteers, students, and interns from around 50 countries. Since 2016 Aviram is a member of the Global Restoration Council an international committee on land restoration issues constituted by the World Resources Institute, Washington, DC. And since 2017 he is a member of the board of the Foundation for World Education and the Advisory Board of the Sustainable Living Lab, Lausanne, Switzerland.



B (William Sullivan)

bB (William Sullivan) joined Auroville in 1974 and worked in propagating plant species and construction. He had been a teacher and filmmaker in California. He was one of the founders of Centre for Scientific Research (CSR) and the ecological settlement known as “Verite.” After an extended involvement in administration and publications, he now is developing Zero Waste Auroville to use “waste” that was going into landfill for construction and other uses. Currently, he lives in International House in the International Zone as part of the caretaking team where a new building is under construction with recycled waste and local materials. B is the author of the book “The Dawning of Auroville.”

Bertrand Desalle

Tags: sustainable habitat appropriate technologies architectural services experts
Bertrand_1Born in France in 1958, he moved to the US in 1979 and worked as a general contractor till 1983. He began Architecture school in 1988 and returned to France in 1993 to practice architecture, specializing in renovation and rehabilitation projects. In 2002, he joined the French Ministry of Culture and worked for the protection of historical buildings. He started a business in 2005, buying and renovating properties, furthering his skills in project management. He came to Auroville in 2007, joined Andre Hababou’s architecture office and became Andre’s partner in 2008 and collaborates in designing diverse projects in and outside of Auroville. In his words: “Architecture is a compromise between needs and means. Successful architecture will blend those constraints and express beauty in its manifestation”

Carsten Michelsen

Tags: solar photovoltaic systems solar system components training and consultancy experts
karsten_1_mCarsten studied electrical engineering in Germany and has been living in Auroville since 1993. He founded Auroville Energy Products, a business unit of Auroville in 1996 for designing and assembling solar energy components and wind energy systemsin Auroville. As a renewable energy consultant, he has installed solar home lighting systems, micro hydro systems for rural electrification in Asia and Africa. He has recently been conducting workshops for solar energy technicians in Ethiopia, Indonesia,Nepal and training teachers in Bangladeshi University BUET. He is currently developing a solar powered tram for Auroville.



Chandresh Patel

Tags: electric two and four wheeler solutions business development experts
Chandresh came to Auroville in 2006 and has started Saracon, an incubator facility for Auroville start-ups. He was based in Silicon Valley previously and co-founded VeriFlow Technologies and CAESIUM. He has over 25 years of experience in hardware design and technology and worked for Amdal and others. He holds a Msc in computer science from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey (1988) and a degree in electrical engineering from SAICE, Pondicherry. He was a member of AVI USA and studied in the Ashram school. Chandresh is a co-founder of Auroville Consulting.


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