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Effective Microorganism is used in agriculture in multiple ways. It is applied to achieve a high germination rate of seeds in nurseries, it is used in compost to increase soil fertility and it serves ...
Composting with Effective Microorganism has some advantages; it saves energy and manpower since there is no need to turn over the heap, it regulates the temperature, it is easy to handle and available...
Annapurna Farm is located about 10 kilometres outside Auroville on the road to Mailam. It compromises of a 135 acres of land and is Auroville's biggest farm. It works with organic methods only. Rice i...
GreenAcres campaign

Fundraising for expanding the Auroville Greenbelt.

Our eco-zone is under threat of rapid urbanization, this is an urgent move to reverse the trend and extend activities.

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