The Use of Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF) in Landscaping

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tdef_in_landscaping_fo8_mUsing plants of the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest in landscaping is a fascinating way of reintegrating nearly extinct species into modern day society. This is a win-win situation it supports the conservation efforts of rare endangered species and creates landscapes for recreation and relaxation.

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The use of Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF) in Landscaping

The TDEF is the indigenous forest type of the Tamil Nadu costal region, up to sixty kilometers inland from the coast. The plants also thrive further inland with minimal inputs. It is the most ecologically adapted vegetation to the environment, thus requires the least inputs and is the most stable.It supports the highest levels of biodiversity of associated fauna and it is a highly endangered forest type of which less than 0.3% remains intact. The species within the forest require conservation due to their rarity. The cultural links between the local culture and the plants need to be conserved. Over 50 % of the species have a cultural or medical use.

The landscape of a hotel, private residence or factory compound provides a unique opportunity to restore the habitat for the faunal and floral components of this ecosystem, since in all most every instance the forest is shrinking in its natural environment.

To fully restore the original ecosystem of course will take time, but through careful planting and use of the existing vegetation it is possible to create a beautiful, varied, and lush vegetation from day one of the work finishing. Then over the years a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem will emerge that provide a serene and relaxing environment in which people will be able to enjoy their working and leisure time.

Auroville Botanical Garden is reintegrating the plants of the indigenous forest into modern day society by offering the services of these plants in landscapes. This is a win-win situation in that we achieve our aim of conserving rare and endangered species and at the same time we create landscapes that serve the needs of clients in terms of recreation and relaxation.

The Auroville Botanical Garden has been established in response to the disappearing Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF) of the Coromandel Coast, South India, and to the global need for the conservation of genetic diversity in the plant kingdom in a wide range of climatic conditions.


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