Auroville Energy and Water Efficiency Master Plan

The Energy and Water Efficiency Master Plan is an attempt to establish a better understanding of Auroville’s water and energy consumption for the base year 2014. As water meters are not installed at all sites and buildings in Auroville, the water baseline needed to be established with extrapolation of existing data. Data on transportation (ownership rate and consumption) is currently available in insufficient form only and the energy baseline for the transportation sector needed to be established on a set of assumptions. Assumptions and system boundaries for any calculations in establishing baselines or in forecasting are made transparent and accessible in the annexure of this document. A more coherent recording of water and energy consumption and smart data management practices are recommended in order to increase the efficiency of future planning exercises.

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GreenAcres campaign

Fundraising for expanding the Auroville Greenbelt.

Our eco-zone is under threat of rapid urbanization, this is an urgent move to reverse the trend and extend activities.

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