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carbon_offset4Want to reduce your impact but can't give up flying? Favor day-time flights, pack light, and fly budget. Seriously! Those discount airlines typically pack more passengers on each flight (by not wasting space on 1st and Business class), and the planes are usually newer/more fuel-efficient fleets than the fleets of longer-established airlines.

Once you're in Auroville, there's plenty of ways to get around with minimal impact! Rent a cycle from the Visitors Center or one of the guest houses and walk as much as possible. If speed's an issue, go for an electric vehicle from EVFutures or Saracon. And be sure to check out ACT for public transportation to Auroville's outlying areas and to Pondy.

Reduce your impact by turning off lights and unplugging appliances (including your computer!) when not in use. Try to purchase energy-saving devices, and pay attention to the little things--like turning the temperature of your fridge down and/or disabling its light.

The way we use water in our daily lives has an impact beyond simply "wasting" such a prescious resource. A British scientist recently estimated that a litre of water that hasn't yet been harnessed for human use has a footprint of 0.298 grammes…comebine that with the electricity needed for pumping and heating, and--well--it adds up.

If you want to save the world, becoming a locavore is one of the best things to do. Opt for organically grown, locally produced fruits and vegetables, and you'll significantly reduce your impact.

The stuff that's hardest for the earth to decompose often has a large impact during production. Reduce your consumption, opt for products you can reuse, and recycle everything you can. Be conscious of the materials of the things you buy and the packaging they come in. What will go to land fill? What can decompose naturally or be turned into something else?


Offset Your Auroville Adventure

vehicle used  km travelled  multiple  kg of CO2
By Plane: 0.180 0
with Radiative Forcing, etc: 0.486 0
By Train: 0.160 0
By Bus: 0.170 0
By Taxi (petrol): 0.180 0
By Taxi (diesel): 0.140 0
vehicle used  km travelled  multiple  kg of CO2
By taxi (petrol): 0.18 0
By taxi (diesel): 0.14 0
By motorcycle: 0.11 0
By moped/scooter: 0.08 0
By electric cycle/moped: 0.02 0
By cycle/foot: 0.00 0
item used  hours used  multiple  kg of CO2
Incandescent bulbs: 0.080 0
Fluorescent (CFL): 0.020 0
Desktop computer: 0.058 0
Laptop: 0.015 0
*skip this section if you stayed in a place that used green energy (I.e. solar, wind)
water consumed  # used multiple kg of CO2
Hot showers: 0.90 0
Cold showers: 0.05 0
Flushes of a western toilet: 0.04 0
Loads of laundery: 0.13 0
kind of meal  # of meals multiple kg of CO2
Primarily of AV produce 0.001 0
Primarily of Indian produce 0.032 0
With red meat 2.466 0
With fish, eggs or poultry 0.822 0
item used  # used  multiple  kg of CO2
Plastic bags: 0.2 0
Plastic bottles: 0.5 0
Reusable bags and bottles: 0.0 0


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