Energy Audit: Varuna

This report summarizes the findings and recommendation of the energy audit reports generated for 23 buildings of Auroville. Varuna Auroville currently monitors energy consumption of buildings and conducts on site data collection of buildings whose bi-­monthly energy consumption show an increase of 30% as compared to the precious bi-­monthly reading. Additionally data collection on electricity consumption of buildings is being undertaken on request of building stewards. The data collected is then shared and analysed by Auroville Consulting and an energy audit report that lists recommended Energy Efficiency interventions is shared with Varuna and the respective building stewards.

The data in this document includes only baseline and recommended cases for electric fixture and appliances for which energy efficiency interventions were recommended, hence the data does not reflect the electrical energy baseline of the entire buildings audited. For the time period from September 2014 to March 2015 a total number of 29 buildings where audited. 23 energy efficiency reports where completed. 6 energy efficiency reports could not be completed yet due to lack and inconsistency in data.

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